PT. Hope Indonesia
Since 2006, PT. Hope Indonesia has been manufacturing and exporting single-origin Cocoa Liquor (a.k.a. Cocoa Mass) made from Sulawesi cocoa beans.  Customers trust us for our ability to bring out the best from the best of Sulawesi's cocoa beans at the most competitive prices.

PT. Hope Indonesia is a small company managed by well-experienced professionals. Our Filipino managers have decades of work experience in several factories, from the early 1980's in Manila (at the first modern chocolate manufacturer in Southeast Asia), to Medan (the first cocoa processor in Sumatra), to Makassar (the first cocoa processor in Sulawesi). GMP and HACCP are our guiding principles, and used comprehensively in our systems to ensure consistent product quality and the highest food safety standards.

PT. Hope Indonesia is the first in Indonesia to specialize in Cocoa Liquor, and the first Indonesian company to become member of the World Cocoa Foundation.

    Name of Company : PT. Hope Indonesia
    FDA Registration No. : 11107234452
    Product & Capacity : Cocoa Liquor 280 metric tons a month
    No. of Employees : 45 Indonesians & 2 Filipinos
    Founding Owner : Wilson Balleta & Jauw Chin Wan

PT. Hope Indonesia